Services for Architects

The best design brands.

We offer architects the possibility to use directly
of all the products of the main brands of Italian
and international design.

The protectionist who collaborate with us have
a vast range of furnishings at their disposal from which
to draw to realize projects that are always different and suitable for every need.

We offer protectionist many instrument:

  • moodboard to visualize the finished result;
  • rendering to have a photographic vision of the set;
  • prospective design realized by hand by able designer coming from art school.

If the architect desired to offer to his client
unique and personalized solution
we have an internal laboratory and we realized on design.

Our interior designer are a disposition of architects
for the development of the project and offer a qualificated consultant
in the selection and the projection of the furniture.

We have a staff dedicated only at the quotation
of projects and furnishing articles to provide profectionist
and their clients details quotations whit the maximum speed.

We give the architects the possibility to offer
to their clients an experience of an only purchase
accompanying them initially in a tour of our showroom.

Having realized the brands towards which the clients taste
orientated visits to the showroom of the firm can be organized annexes
to the sites of production where the entire collection can be viewed
an exclusive look behind the scenes of the masters of Italian design.

We do not limit ourselves to the sale of furniture,
we accompany the architect also in key phases
for the success of the projects:
the shipment delivery and the assembly.

Our team of specialized operators reach any destination
and takes charge of the correct execution of the projects.