SAMA Abitare on June 17, 2018

Nathalie the bed
whit bows
accomplishes 40 years.

Founded in 1978, in 1018 FLOU celebrates is first 40 years: an anniversary which coincides whit that of NATHALIE, the bed designed by Vico Magistretti which as accompany the social transformation and cultural changes of the ’70. And if at 40 years a firm can be considered still young, one can count on his fingers the products of design which have arrive at the same finish line whiteout having undertaken inexorable decline which others have suffered. “The bed whit the bows”-considered unanimously the first of modern textile beds-has sign an authentic typological innovation which as became as standard an his still an timeless evergreen. Flou celebrate it whit “NATHALIE 40°” a special edition (limited to 299 models) which reproduced faithfully one of the versions of the year of introduction, reconstructed whit the pressure aid of the staff which at the time worked in the company.

To Nathalie has also been dedicated a short “the perfect bow” which tells of it true stories, emotions and anecdotes of the life of the people who have chosen and lived it. Written and directly by Andrea Cavallari, produced by Cristian Rabbiosi, has been shown in preview Tuesday 17 April, first day of the saloon, in the Flou-Natevo of Milan show-room. For the occasion celebrated volume as also been published which tells the stages most significant of the course completed by Nathalie in parallel whit the evolution of taste, of the habits and the tendency of society from 1978 to today.

The bed Nathalie is the founder of the textile beds, inconfondibile whit its bows. Padded and dressed headboard, like the base, in textile, skin or faux leather completely removable thanks to the practical closure in velcro, it can also be reclined with manual mechanics. The cushion cover present on the headboard permitted to keep the pillows from the dust. Disposable whit rigid base, confort base conteiner base , fixt base h 25 cm or h 16 cm. And whit a base whit an electric movement net.