Intern Finishes

SAMA Abitare on May 27, 2018

A material library
To realize your dreams

The material library is a new place in SAMA ABITARE thought as a fundamental instrument for all the operators in the section of the projects of interior design.

It is an expositive place which allows architects/interior designers or the clients directly to have selected and brand products united to technical support.

It is always more concrete and actual the desire to understand in the project of a intern beside the space to furnish also its casing and the surface which characterized; for this reason it was held extremely important selectionig firms, material and products of trimming which permits, quality, research, innovation and a constant alignment to the trend of the moment.

  • flors(stoneware, wood, terracotta);
  • coating(pottery, wall paint, wall paper etc..);
  • textile(curtains, carpets, moquettes, complements etc..);
  • bathroom and wellness(sanitary, taps, solution for shower, sauna, hammam, furniture for bathrooms etc..);
  • inside frames (doors in wood, in glass etc..);
  • stairs (standard or personalized);
  • illumination .

A person specialized in this sector will accompany you in the technical solution and in the selection of the products. A materials library useful for the realizations of inspirational mood-board, permits you to see and touch concretely the materials to insert in your project, necessary action for realistic anticipation of the final effect.

The planners and the able designers will be at disposition for the realization of rendering and prospective designs freely to obtain at the end a tree-dimensional visions of the space whit textures and colors.

Whit the result of obtaining the best esthetic functional result facilitating the interaction between the activity of construction and the finishing/decoration of the place, on respect of the needs of the work and the will of personalization of the place.


SAMA Abitare makes use of the precious collaboration of MAD051 expert and innovative reality, a quality support in the management of the new material area and of the concept storee of some products and brands treated.