Cocoon Maldives

SAMA Abitare on May 5, 2018

The first Resort of design
in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

At the Maldives LAGO as projected a resort of design which converses perfectly whit the incontaminate surrounding nature and the cristalline water. The project began whit a collaboration whit AZEMAR, Italian tour operator none in the international panorama to give life to a COCOON MALDIVES a new and unique experience of travel at thirty minutes from the international airport of ibrahim Nasir.

This gave birth to the first resort of design of the Indian Ocean, which enters as a part of LAGO DESIGN NETWORK. The resort has 146 rooms, a presidential suite, a reception and a restaurant whit a LAGO COMMUNITY TABLE in whilewood wood, in all the spaces the design is at the service of human relation, where the lightness of the furnishings creates a continues dialogue whit nature.

We realized spaces thot of whit sartorial cure whit the scope of giving life to an experience of to the quality of the incredulous place in which their are immerse: from all the rooms incredulous views open which minting a constant visible relationship whit the scenery, preserving the surrounding nature and the emphasizing it as much as possible. All the spaces are though to transmits lightness and joy.

Whildwood wood is the protagonist; from headboard of a suspended bed, the wood transforms in lavabo for the bathrooms, to give life then to the seat at tavoli air in the common spaces hanging on glass legs to emphasize a lite vision.

In the reception the swings soft swing welcome the guests to live the world behind an concede a parenthesis of self love in an unimaginable contest.

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